Please note that we are currently closed to new patients, except for those referred directly by General Practitioners and Specialists (including Molemap)

If you are not an existing patient and have concerns in respect of cancers of the skin, our advice is to contact your General Practitioner. If a referral to The Dermoscopy Centre, or another specialist provider, is appropriate, they will be able to organize this for you.

The Dermoscopy Centre is North Canterbury’s only clinic dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers, and...

  • Actively encourages the prevention of skin cancers in the community through the promotion of ‘sun-smart’ practices
  • Places emphasis on the accurate identification of lesions that are, or are not, of concern by offering comprehensive skin checks. Skin checks at The Dermoscopy Centre are undertaken by an experienced doctor, with both advanced training and formal qualifications specific to the identification and treatment of skin cancers.
  • The Dermoscopy Centre routinely accesses, and contributes to, international experience to the benefit of the North Canterbury community.
  • Provides access to doctors specifically qualified in the minor surgical procedures, and topical treatments pertaining to skin cancer medicine.
  • Minor surgical procedures can be provided in the comprehensively equipped, modern and comfortable clinic in Rangiora.
  • Is active in the training and qualification of doctors, throughout Australasia, who aspire to expertise in skin cancer medicine
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