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After prevention, the best strategy for skin cancer is early detection. A skin check at The Dermoscopy Centre can help detect skin cancers at an early stage, when they are easily treatable.

All skin checks at The Dermoscopy Centre are undertaken by Dr. Julia Racle.

A full body skin check will consist of the following: -

  • An explanation of the process, and your consent to conduct a full skin examination;
  • A review of your life, and clinical, history in order to identify key risk factors you may have;
  • Your privacy will be protected, the doctor will only ask you to strip down to your underwear, a sheet and blanket is available, and if you wish, you may ask to be accompanied by a relative or friend, or to ask for another staff member to be present;
  • The examination is a systematic review of your skin from head to toe; if you would normally wear make up, or nail polish, please remove these before your appointment.
  • Your breasts, and genitalia, are not normally examined unless you advise the doctor that you have concerns in those areas. The doctor may request that a chaperone be present.
  • The doctor will use a dermatoscope during the examination. Using dermoscopy, or as its sometimes known, skin surface microscopy, to evaluate pigmented lesions, enables an appropriately trained and experienced doctor to identify the abnormal structural features of melanoma. Borderline lesions may also be closely observed and benign lesions can be confidently diagnosed without the need for biopsy. Microscopic images of any areas of interest will be recorded as the examination progresses.
  • After the examination, the doctor will discuss any concerns, and if anything requiring further attention has been identified, work through the next step options relevant to your circumstances.
  • A time frame, specifically for you, will be suggested for your next skin check.
  • Regular ongoing self-examination is a very important component of looking after the health of your skin. You, your partner, and your family will know better than anyone else if something on your skin is new or changing – and these are two important early warning signs of potential skin cancers. The doctor will explain a process of self- checking and provide some material for you to share with your family, so that they can help you, and themselves, to know the early signs of skin cancer, and what to do if these are discovered.
  • Finally, The Dermoscopy Centre team will take care of organising any follow-up treatments, referrals etc. that may be required. They will prepare a comprehensive report, including any relevant dermoscopic images, and, with your permission, send this to your GP so that your records there can be maintained. If a recall period was advised they will also post out a reminder as and when this becomes due; and finally

A Full Skin Check costs $250.00 (Community Service Card Holders $220.00)

Attend at the same time as a partner or family member and our discounted rate for Full Skin Checks is $400.00 for you both (Community Service Card Holders $350.00)

Have a specific concern? Our Single Site Check is intended to address a specific lesion or area and costs $175.00.

Surgical procedures vary dependent of site, size and complexity and start at $425.00

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